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How I use shea butter on my skin and why you should too

How I use shea butter on my skin and why you should too

There are numerous ways people incorporate the benefits of shea butter into their everyday life. I got to know about shea butter when i started learning how to take care of my hair. In the blogs I went to they were all praising shea butter and how great it is both for the hair and skin. I decided to experiment with shea butter and since then I have been in love with Shea butter.


Shea butter also called “Ori” in yoruba has been used for centuries by West African communities. With the advent of modernization and the craze for everything foreign we completely forgot about this “diamond in the rough.” Shea butter is an off-white butter extracted from Shea nut. Up till date Shea butter is extracted by hands in most rural West African communities.

The benefits of Shea butter are too numerous to mention. Let me tell you how i use Shea  butter and all of the ways i use it now i learnt by trail and error.

  1. I use Shea butter on my face at night in place of a facial serum particularly when i feel my face is behaving somehow. I first used Shea butter on my face at night when my cousin complained that i was dark. I washed my face that night and applied Shea butter and when i woke up in the morning, my face was soft and supple plus it was lighter. I didn’t even notice it until my cousin mentioned that I was lighter than yesterday. He asked me what i use and I told him Shea butter. Since then I always use Shea butter once a week
  2. I use Shea butter on my scars. In my last year in secondary school one insect called “skirt and blouse” bit me and because I was a self-conscious teen i peeled the wound. I got a nasty scar that faded with frequent use of Shea butter. Right now the scar is non-existent unless I show you.
  3. At one time in my university days I had a nasty boil on one part of my body like that. Let’s just say there are better places to have boils. It was very very bad, I had to apply Shea butter all day and after a few day, the boil disappeared, not before draining all its pus. So if you feel a boil forming, just apply Shea butter on the boil and watch it either disappear or ripen.
  4. Another way I use Shea butter is as a whole body moisturizer. I swear I have become lighter since I started to use it. Don’t ask me how it is possible because there are no evidences to support that Shea butter makes you lighter but it did make me lighter/brighter. I think it is a combination of black soap and shea butter that is responsible for my brighter/lighter complexion.
  5. As a lip balm. It is edible compared to mineral oil lip gloss that we normally use and it is safe.  You might just have to reapply continuously throughout the day.
  6. On my scalp to help get rid of dandruff and scalp dryness. At a time before I started my hair journey I had crazy scalp on fire type of episodes but since I started using using Shea butter on my scalp it has been a thing of the past coupled with my hair routine.
  7. Another way I use Shea butter is as a diaper cream to prevent nappy rash. It is the best thing ever for babies. I use it on my younger ones and yes I have baby younger ones that I “experiment” on.


In the comments below let me know the different ways you use Shea butter. This list is in no way exhaustive and there are so many ways Shea butter can be used. Let your imaginations run wild people.

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