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True life story of how I got my acne under control

True life story of how I got my acne under control

True life story of how I got my acne under control

As a young girl the highest skin care routine I did was to wash my face with soap once a day. My face wasn’t really smooth but it was acne/pimple free. Fast forward to my teenage years I had full blown pimples that looked like I had hit my head on a wall. The pimples were huge and filled with pus. Sometimes people asked me what happened to my face, my pimples were that big. Because of how huge my pimples and how self-conscious I had become, I decided to start researching on natural methods to gt rid of pimples because I didn’t have money to invest in skin care products neither did I have the option of seeing a dermatologist.

I stuck in there and I tried everything google suggested. I used baking soda on my face, I used honey on my face at night. I had insects crawling all over  my face and because I slept with the honey still on my face, I didn’t sleep well. After leaving secondary school my acne miraculously disappeared.

But then after some 4 years of growing out of acne, my pimples was back and bigger. I decided to do a lot of research to figure out what went wrong. I was really sad and self-conscious. Did I tell you about how extremely shy I was and still am? I had self-esteem issues, it was really bad. Something worked for me and I want to share it with as much women as possible.

Today I have created a skin care product that works for all skin types particularly acne prone skin and that is what I use. But that is not what is completely responsible for my clear skin
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