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How to do incoporate Green tea into your skincare routine

How to do incoporate Green tea into your skincare routine


Why do you think Asians live longer than other races and they have  nice skin? You have three guesses, make it count. You don’t like guessing, so do I. The answer is HERBAL TEAS and today we will be focusing on how to incorporate green tea into a skincare routine. Don’t forget that your skin gets the remaining nourishment after all other organs have been settled. So help your skin to help by incorporating green tea into your routine.

Green tea is made by infusing the leaves of Camillia sinensis in hot water. Green tea has catchein which an antioxidant. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals and so slow down skin aging, reduces skin inflammation and acne.

There are so many ways in which we can incorporate green tea into our skin care routine, apart from drinking it as it is.

  1. As a mask- green tea powder can be mixed with any clay. For extra boost mix with green tea and apply it on your face. Rinse out the mask when it dries.
  2. As a toner/spray- mix green tea with rose water as a facial toner. Put in a bottle and spray onto a cotton wool. Use the cotton wool with the spray on your face. Don’t make the cotton wool soaking wet
  3. Check for skincare products that have green tea in them. When formulating FABNATURAL skincare products I made sure I incorporated the benefits of green tea in the facial cleanser and toner.

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