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10 anti-aging tips you need to start doing now

10 anti-aging tips you need to start doing now

We all have to get old but we don’t have to look old, this is where the anti-aging tips shared in this blog post come into play. Getting older is a fact of life but looking your age isn’t. One of my friends looked at me and said I look like a vampire because to that my friend i haven’t aged a bit. I just laughed it off. Some of us are lucky that we don’t look our age but luck can only take you so far if you don’t take care of your skin.

The tips listed below are things you can do everyday to literally turn back the hands of time or better still pause the hands of time.

  1. Always always use a sunscreen- the only time you are not allowed to use a sunscreen is when you have to use to use a torchlight to see. Using a sunscreen all day everyday reduces skin aging by more than 50%.
  2. Cut down on your salt intake, increase water intake to avoid under eye bag- under eye bags are something I am dealing with right now. It sucks to be honest. Even if your skin is uber smooth and you are wrinkle free, under eye bags will pack on the age and we don’t want that.
  3. Get rid of smoking- smoking breaks down the skin support structure. Smoking breaks down collagen and elastin and therefore leads to sagging.
  4. Incorporate antioxidants into your skincare routine- antioxidants help to fight free radicals which are more or less like scavengers they speed up oxidation in other words breakdown of the skin.
  5. Sleep on time- getting 6-8 hours of sleep will lift the age of your face. Your body repairs itself at night, so you want to give your body/skin enough time to heal/repair itself.
  6. Avoid stressful situations and stressful people- stress is just bad news for your skin. Increase in cortisol levels which is the stress hormone speeds up the aging process. Just avoid stress in all forms, shapes and sizes.
  7. Exfoliate baby- exfoliating will help to remove dead skin cells to reveal new skin cells. New skin cell is equal to smooth, wrinkle free, clear skin.
  8. Eat healthy, not only veggies but your proteins and fats- when you hear eat healthy, you only think about vegetables but fats are also important. Proteins should also be included in your diets.
  9. Moisturize, moisturize- dry skin is rumpled looking, moisturized skin is soft and supple. Do the maths sweety.
  10. Start anti-aging now- you don’t have to wait until you are in your 50’s or 60’s before you start anti-aging routine. Start now. The key to looking young is to start early so as to prevent the damage in the first place.

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